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Young Jewish boys on their first day of school would be given honey on a slate. As they licked the honey the Rabbi would say “My child, lick the honey… May you never forget that the words of God are like honey. Taste and see that God is good”. It is our hope that you too will discover that God is good and would learn to walk in his ways. We have put together three main sections on this site to journey with you in this process:

Discipleship: So you have become a follower of Jesus, the next step is to gain discipleship to know who God is and to know how to live. We have put together a foundational section for key discipleship for you to begin your walk.

Articles: Each day we write articles giving continued discipleship on different topics. We do this in the context of when the section of scripture was written before giving application for our lives.

Devotional: Spending time with God is essential, it is a relationship and that involves spending time together. We have a chronological devotional to give you an overview of the Bible in a year through daily reading and short articles related to the reading. (coming soon)


Recent Articles

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Can God use non-believing leaders?

May 2nd, 2017|0 Comments

I have been pondering recently how God works with leaders especially those who do not believe in him. Can God work though those people to achieve His purposes? When we look at different nations around [...]

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Broken part 1 – Climbing down the mountain

April 24th, 2017|0 Comments

There is a lot of thoughts in my head right now. I personally am in a very tough time in my life. It is strange because my life is perfect when I look at it, [...]

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Faithful in the going

August 20th, 2016|0 Comments

Anything new often comes with an element of fear, especially when it comes to going somewhere new. Questions come up like: how will I support myself? Is it a safe neighborhood? Will God be faithful? [...]

Bible Discipleship – A Brief History

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Bible Discipleship was a vision given by God in 2011, Luke was at the time working with YWAM (Youth With A Mission) in Australia. During that time he would regularly be going into schools, doing camps as well as occasionally taking youth away on missions trips. Follow up was always the biggest problem. It was possible to have an awesome week where young people would learn so much biblical discipleship from direct teaching from the Bible or biblical principles (in schools which didn’t allow religion of any form to be directly talked about). However, after the week was over consistency of teaching in some churches or schools wasn’t always the best. Some did the best they could, others it would be never be touched on again until the YWAM team went back into the school.

On one occasion, while driving back from a school, God started impressing onto Luke how His heart was broken for people. How He loved them so much but often they wouldn’t care and not love Him back or appreciate Him at all. Later, as the weeks followed, God started speaking about creating Bible Discipleship then known as Youth Discipleship. The idea was to have Biblical content taken from the Bible with articles and video testimonies. Later the vision was expanded to include a Bible school, magazines and much more. Bible Discipleship at this point has not fully achieved all the vision given by God but we continue to strive towards that goal.

In 2015 Bible Discipleship was born to bring that content to allow people who might not necessarily get Biblical teaching where they were. At Bible Discipleship we value the context, as well as cultural knowledge of the time, as essential to be able to accurately understand the Bible. The Bible is God breathed, but we as readers often misunderstand what God is saying to us through His word.

Bible Discipleship hopes to be led by the people, as far as whoever wants to join as long as they are living out the values that Bible Discipleship has. We want anyone who wants you to be able to use the content here to give follow up so that those who wish to be discipled can be.